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Artist Rebekah Tarín is a butch Chicana boy-girl raised in Aztlan, currently residing in Taos, New Mexico. She visually expresses the possibilities of a Chicana cosmology incorporating cultural, spiritual and political aspects of life as an indigenous Mestiza.

Seven Days Candles
Do you want to see 'Electric Yoni,' or 'Touch Travels faster than Pain,' or 'El Amanacer' (the Sunrise) alive and burning? These artworks are available on candles in glass for $15 including US shipping.
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- Electric Yoni »
- Touch Travels Faster than Pain »
- El Amanacer, The Sunrise »
- Tree of Life in the Land of Borders »
- La Sirena »


Artist Anita Rodriguez
explores a place she calls "my Hispanic-Chicano-Mexican-Mestizo-Indian-Jewish-Gringoy virtual country", documenting her amazing world in her vividly colorful paintings so rich in detail, humor, and meaning.

Both originals and prints from her huge body of work are available at here web site. Rodriguez, who divides her time between Taos, NM, and Guanajuato, Mexico, is also a recognized expert in adobe architectural finishing, a published writer, and gifted Tarot reader. Click here to see her new work.