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What is “Xtasia”?

1. Xtasia (ex-tah-see-ah) is a fictional place, a vision, created by people of a fictional culture, with temple-prostitutes and those who come to them.

2. Xtasia is a place-to-learn-sex-by-doing-sex.

Although fictional, Xtasia’s teachings on sex and

intimacy are factual and based on reality.

3. Xtasia is a frame of mind that opens us up for the experience and sensation in which body, heart and soul are integrated.

4. Xtasia is the product of a culture that holds sexuality in the center of its social, spiritual and political life.

The writing in this section of the website is inspired by Xtasia's frame of mind and experience.

Not all writing is edited into proper English and sometimes you may find things said in not quite your way.

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